Hi and welcome to Janaverstraete.com!

I’m Jana, 21 y/o and living in the prettiest town, Bruges (Belgium). When I’m not putting baby’s into the world (I’m a midwife ), I’m creating some new content for my blog, instagram or YouTube channel. I see myself as a creative unicorn. I love to blog/instagram/vlog about beauty, fashion and my lifestyle. I blog about everything I love & like to do (makeup, skincare, DIY, travelling, experiences,health, food, fashion, just everything! ). Everything is my honest opinion, you can take my word for it! The common thread is the reviewing and testing of everything that has to do with beauty, but otherwise, I also like to show my followers what the life of Jana is. My character is mainly reflected on my instagram; a strong, romantic and pink-loving soul, who knows what she wants.

Why I started my blog you say? First, it was my dream to start a YouTube channel, but was to insecure to sit in front of a camera. So, I started my first blog. And now after a long way, I’m here!!

I’m most active on my Instagram, Facebook, my blog and now also on my YouTube channel! Check the page “Contact Me” for my information.

I hope you guys enjoy!!!

 Jana xo

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