Like many other bloggers, I sometimes get sponsored.
This can happen in 3 ways, namely:

I have an oral/ electronic agreement with a brand/ company to promote 1 or more products of them, whereby I receive the products and /or receive an amount to promote them. These promos are clearly indicated in the blog post with “#AD”.

Another way is: that I receive a product that does not have any attachments. This means that I am not obliged to write /post about this product. I then choose whether I find this an interesting content for my blog, instagram and / or youtube. I do not therefore designate them as sponsored. I will mention it if I have received the product(s) or not.

A third and final way of sponsoring is using affiliated links. This means that if you use this link (click on it and actually buy the product), I get a small amount for it. You also NEVER pay more than if you did not use the link. Also, know that the money that I possibly earn, products that I possibly get, will always be well spent as in the blog, youtube, instagram, giveaways, etc.
Hopefully you understand this?

Also know that most of the products that are used in posts, have been bought with my own money!

Jana xo