Detox Time w/ NIVEA

Going back to the basics is now the new hot trend within the beauty community and I think I start to like it?! First, I was like naaaah I’m not that kinda person who likes the green/ vegan ‘stuff’, but it surprised me! I like it 😮

I wanted to introduce you to the 3 newest Urban Skin Detox products of Nivea:

A micellaire water (€5,99),

A 3 in 1 claywash that can be used as a wash, scrub and mask (€6,19),

And a peel off mask (€6,99).

The range helps you to get rid off the impurities you get from the pollution/ outside world. These 3 new products of Nivea will help you to reduce the impurities by cleansing the skin using ingrediënts like:

Black rice that has an antioxidant effect

Green tea that detoxifies (also good for the inner body!)

And clay, it absorbs the remainig sebum of the skin.

Want to know how I use these 3 products? Be sure to watch the video down below!!! (#AD)


I hope you guys have enjoyed it!!!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate and ask me in the comments down below!!




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