50 (random) facts about me

Hi guys!

So I thought it would be fun to share 50 random facts about me to know me a little bit better!

Sooooo, Here we go!

  1. I’m 20 y/o
  2. I study midwifery
  3. I have a cat named Baruch
  4. I’m 1,80m (5’11”) tall
  5. I have what they call heterochromia; That’s when you have 2 different eye colors. I have a brown and green/blue eye
  6. I bite my nails in stressy situations
  7. I can burp on command
  8. I love to draw
  9. I really really REALLY LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!
  10. I’m extremely stubborn
  11. I can put my fist in my mouth
  12. My favorite flowers are peonies
  13. I want 2 weddings: a Christmas wedding and a summer wedding
  14. I cry in every sad moviepart, especially those from Disney!
  15. I’m super messy, but I hate chaos
  16. I had very curly hair when I was little
  17. I haaate insects
  18. I’m scared of clowns, hights and orchestra
  19. I love to bingewatch movies, series and youtube videos
  20. I’m that person that never knows the title, singer or lyrics of a song, but sings anyway
  21. I’m clumsy
  22. Mostly, I’m the mama bear of the group
  23. I had 1 blog before this one
  24. I wanted to have a youtube channel since I was 11 y/o
  25. I hate fish and cabbages
  26. I love sleep and my PJs
  27. I loved playing with barbies, I think I could still play with them 🙂
  28. I hate to just sit outside and do nothing. I prefer to sit inside even if it’s 30C°
  29. Never ever broke something in my body (knock on wood)
  30. Never had braces
  31. Never had holes in my teeth
  32. I hate to swim in the sea and sit on the beach! I find it very disgusting
  33. I was 15y/o when I went in my own cellar for the first time
  34. I wear glasses since I was 8y/o
  35. I have two crooked fingers
  36. My fav color is PINK (duuuuuh If you couldn’t guess that already 🙂 )
  37. I can make like a weird flower with my tongue and I can use my tongue like a straw (Yes I know I’m weird AF)
  38. I used to dislike glitter, like wtf was I thinking??? 😀
  39. I’m allergic to insect bites
  40. I had my first swimming diploma when I was 5 y/o
  41. I put ketchup in my macaroni and cheese
  42. I can estimate people pretty good
  43. I’m sooooo afraid to puke
  44. I’m never mad or angry (just grumpy)
  45. I love unicorns and I like to believe they exist!
  46. My favorite Disney princess is Ariel
  47. I hate to be alone
  48. My favorite animal is an elephant
  49. Never had a nose bleed
  50. My favorite fruit are strawberries


Sooo these were 50 random (and sometimes strange) facts about me!

I hope you guys have enjoyed it!!!

XoXo Jana


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    • 11 april 2017 / 13:37

      Hahaha 20 is grappig hé 😀 Ik zing altijd verkeerd 🙈

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