12h in Paris; What to see and to do?

Bonjour, Bonsoir!

A while ago, in November, I got the opportunity to go to Paris for my birthday with Marjolein . The trip was sponsored by Thalys. My first ever bloggers trip!

The quickest way to go to Paris is truly with the train, like the Thalys. It only takes 1,5h to go from Brussels to the city center of Paris. You have all the comfort you need, like: good chairs, enough legg space, outlets and the most important one WIFI!! (haha :p ). The Thalys has 2 kind of trains that go to Paris. The ‘normal’ one and the ” Izy by Thalys ” . The last one, is a train that only goes a certain time to Paris for a lower price. The only downside of this train is, that it doesn’t has WIFI and that it takes a bit longer (2,5h). But it’s still worth it to try this train from Thalys! (more to spend in Paris 😉 )

When arrived in Paris Nord, I recommend to buy yourself a metro ticket, because it’s the quickest way to get around in Paris and definitely if you’re there for only 1 day! It costs between 12 and 13€ for a day pass.
The first thing we’ve done is, climbed the hill of Paris to see the beautiful view at the Sacre Coeur in Montmartre. Going there, you’ll pass a vert beautiful café named “La Maison Rose”. The name says it all. I thinks it’s one of the most instagrammable house from instagram?! If you wander around towards the Sacre Coeur, you’ll pass a cute and typical Parisian café named “ Le Consulat”. Around the corner you also have the well known painter/caricature square of Paris. Right on the hill, in the beautiful white, you have the Sacre Coeur. Take a moment to oversee the whole city of Paris. You can spot a lot of monuments, like: Notre Dame, Centre Pompidou etc. After we enjoyed the view, we went downstairs with the cable car. Your ticket from the metro is also valid in here.

Around noon, it was time for a lunchbreak! We went to Bon Bouquet Café. It’s a small, but very pretty café where you can eat some breakfast, brunch, lunch! And oh my lord! I ordered a french toast with red berries and I received two monstrous slices of bread 😮 I couldn’t eat it all, it was too much! I very weird thing I saw on the menu was, that a freshly pressed orange juice was cheaper than a “special” kind of tea?? Never seen that before ^_^ . The prices at this café were common.

The Café was close by the well known Galeries Lafayette. Definitely check out the sealing and the roof top!!! And if you got some time to spare, you know what to do … Shopping :p

Afterwards, we went to the Louvre. Have a seat near by the fountains and take it all in! The mixture between the old and new buildings, all the tourists and ofcourse the beginning of the Tuileries gardens. That’s were you have to go next. Wander around and take a seat at all the fountains. A shopping tip; take a right turn for the most beautiful shop ever seen! The Roger&Gallet shop is sooo Parisian!

Follow ahead and have a little shopping on the famous Champs-Elysées where they have the biggest Sephora store in the whole world!! You know what that means?? I went mental HAHA!! I bought for more than 200€ of makeup #sorrynotsorry !!

Passing by the Arc de Triomphe, go by foot or take the metro to the Eifel tower!! Pretty by day and magical by night! Be aware for scammers and pick pockets here!! They are very active here 😉

Our 12h of Paris ended in a little (student) bar in the Second Arrondissement. Comptoir des Frangins has some tasty hamburgers for a really good price! Originally we wanted to go to one of the famous restaurants from the Big Mamma Group, but they don’t take reservations and you have to queue for a loooooong time!!

When in Gare du Nord we took the Izy by Thalys back home!!


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  1. Annie en Luc
    5 december 2019 / 15:55

    prachtige foto’s van het mmoie Parijs en onze nog mooiere kleindochter!

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