Wishlisted #3: Beauty/ Skincare

Wishlisted #3! This is my wishlist for all the beauty stuff I spotted that I would like to have or buy!

So let’s get started!

I’ve seen a couple of cool accessoiries in the beauty world! Like this fridge to keep your skincare products cool. You can put your eye cream, masks, rollers etc. in it! I’ve seen a couple of brands/sites who sell them but this one is by far my fav (price/quality wise)! You got one starting at 50€!

Cooluli from Urban Outfitters

Something to keep inside of your skincare fridge is a jade roller! “A jade what?” you say? A jade roller is a cristal face roller that you can use to roll serums or other products into your skin (or use it on it’s own). Also it’s great for your blood circulation, healing of the skin and great for wrinkles! I would like to have a rose quartz roller, just because it’s prettier than a jade roller :p Here are some examples;

Self rose crystal roller; 35€
Jade roller from Likami; 69€

Caudalie (one of my all time fav skincare brands!!!) came out with a PINK beauty elixir!! OMG, yes you heard right!! A pink bottle of deliciouseness for your skin! The beauty elixir is my fav product of the brand! It’s a spray you can use before, during and after your skincare routine. I love to use it right after I come out the shower. It wakes me up in the mornings 😀 And now they have it in a limited edition pink bottle!

Caudalie limited pink Beauty Elixir; 37,80€

To stay with the brand; Caudalie has a beautiful spa boutique in Bruges (see my YouTube Video ) with lovely facial treatments! I already went a couple of months ago, but would loooove to go back there! They have new facial ranges and some extra treatments (like; steam, body scrubs, eyecare) that you can add to your facial treatment!

Caudalie facial treatments; 89€-109€, Extra treatments; 39€-49€

What about shiny healthy hair? Yes girl! With the Olaplex no3 you can acheave some luscious looking hair. With their sulfur technique it restores your hair from heat, color, sun damage!

Olaplex no3; 25,95€ @JohnBeerens.com

This was it! All the beauty/skincare stuff I want (for now 😉 ) Let me know in the comments what’s on your wishlist right now!! I would like to know 🙂 Maybe I can add some more on my list :p

I hope you guys have enjoyed it!!!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate and ask me in the comments down below!!




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