Vacay to Warsaw and Krakow


During the Easter holiday I went on a trip with a friend to Warsaw and Krakow in Poland. I know? Poland? That was also my first thought… 😀

My friend (who also has a blog btw 😉 check hers out at Yaelle_GT ) studies tourism, so she had to make a trip (of choice) for her thesis and she had chosen Warsaw (the capital of Poland) and Krakow. She booked everything and planned everything out for us as if she worked at a real travel agency.

thumb_img_5614_1024Her parents were so kind to drive us to Charleroi, where we booked one night at the “VanderValk Airport Hotel”. Early in the morning (I think it was like 3am) we took a shuttle bus (from the hotel) to the “Brussels South Charleroi Airport (CRL)”. It was a 10min drive to the Airport. When we arrived, we had a lot of time left to go through the airport control. We flew with Ryanair. It was my first flight with them and it was very nice. It is often said that you don’t have a lot of leg space but I was suprised my long leggs had all the space they needed :). It was an (+/-) 2hour flight to Warsaw.

When we arrived, we took the bus and then the train to the city centre of Warsaw. In Warsaw, we emediatly went to our hotel (Novotel) because we were exhausted… I took a shower and putted some fresh and light clothing on because it was freaking HOT there!! Yeah didn’t saw that coming right? Me neighter 😉 It was like 26 degrees!! For us (in Belgium) that’s very hot for a regular day during the Easter holiday. Even for a summer day in Belgium that’s still hot :p Moving on… We went exploring the city. In Warsaw you have the old city and the new. We stayed in the new section, so we explored that first.

Out of our window we could see a big building, we went there first. It was like a big expositon building with a lot of different expositions. There, we took a few pics.

If we walked a little further we saw a big modern building. It was the biggest mall I ever saw in my entire life 😮 I was so happy to see they had an Victoria Secret, Bath and Body Works and a Sephora!! I didn’t buy anything in the first 2 stores but at the Sephora I bought myself a new Urban Decay primer potion. I also pushed my friend a little bit to buy the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. OOPS sorry not sorry 😉 It is the best of the best and she really likes it! After we saw every store in that gigantic mall we strolled a little further. We saw a lot of pretty buildings.

When we saw enough and when our feet started to hurt (hum hum my feet 😉 ) we went back to our hotel. My friend refreshed herself and I did her make up that night with her brand new palette and gave her little tips and tricks. We had a lot of fun!

We went to the Hardrock Café for dinner. We shared a big plate of tapas and I took not 1 but 2 gigantic and very delicious (non-alcoholic) cocktails. YOLO 😉

That was Day 1!

Day 2…

After we had a lovely breakfast at our hotel we went to the “Lazienkowski” park. It was a sunny day and took a lot of pics (for insta ofcourse 😉 )

We took the bus to this park and to the old town of Warsaw. There we took a nice long stroll and ate some pasta at a pretty terrace. We also went late night shopping that night. (I don’t have pictures of that, I was too busy shopping 😀 )

Day 3…

We had to leave the hotel early to take the train to Krakow. In Krakow we took a tram to our new hotel David Boutique. It wasn’t the nicest hotel but it worked for me. In Krakow, we took a city pass. By this, we were able to take the public transport for free and even some musea were for free. I really recommend taking the city pass when you come to Krakow. It wasn’t that expensive ( I think it was 35euro’s). We took a lot of trams to move us around.

After we settled us, we took the tram to the big market of Krakow. We ate a sandwich and drank some coffee at Costa. We walked trough the big halls and went to a museum (It was for free with our city pass). What we really wanted, was sitting in a horse carriage 😮 It was soo princess like, it was amazing!! But it was a bit expensive… It was (+/-) 50euros for 1hour (I think).

Afterwards we also climbed a tower to see the city from above. Our leggs hurted so much the next days 😀 Plus I had like 12 blisters 🙁



That evening we ate at Plac Nowy 1. We both ate a hamburger and some fries. It is very cheap to eat in Poland. The public transport is also very cheap (1euro for a bus or a tram). It was a delicious dinner.



Day 4…

On day 4 we walked to the Schindler’s list Factory museum. It was a very big and one of the nicest musea I’ve visited. We walked because our city passes were expired… The old pharmacy in the ghetto is certainly a must to see. It is also for free with your city pass.

My friend also booked tickets for Auschwitz and Birkenau for the late afternoon. We went by bus to Auschwitz. There were a lot of people to visit one of the most known concentration camp. It was really weird to realise that a lot of people died there… It was really impressive. At Auschwitz there were a lot expositions but the vision of all the hair they found of women really took my breath away. Also everyone thinks Auschwitz is big but think again… Birkenau (wich is located 5min further of Auschwitz) is much larger. I was shocked by how big it was. It took us 10-15min to get to the other side of it and knowing it is wider then it is long… Can you imagine?

I will post some pics of Auschwitz and Birkenau down below. If you think this event in the history may shock you, just don’t look and skip it. Or be brave and embrace our history… 😉

When we got back in Krakow we ate our first KFC (haha it was very tasty!). The morning after we had to go home 🙁

I hope you guys will consider to go to Poland it’s really worth it!

Hope you guys enjoyed it!!!




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