Urtekram’s coconut products

Hi guys!

I thought it would be fun to spoil you guys with another quick little blogpost?! Because, I have to tell you guys about these products from Urtekram #urtekrambenelux !!! They are so amazing! It is a Scandiavian brand, who only produces organic food and skincare products. Now, they have a coconut and an aloë vera range. I had the honor to try out the coconut range. First of all, I know there are a lot of people who don’t like the scent of coconut (like me), but this scent is very light and not that expressive.

I got the shampoo for normal hair , the conditioner leave in spray for normal hair, the body soap and the shea bodybutter.

First I wasn’t that keen on the word “organic”, because I had some bad experience with another organic brand that gave my scalp flakes and made it very dry and itchy. But, as a beautyblogger I had to give Urtekram the benefit of the doubt. And luckely I did, because I really love the products!

The shampoo isn’t drying out my scalp at all. There are no flakes and my scalp is moisturized in good proportion. I do not have to wash my hair more than usual. The body soap has a lovely subtle scent of coconut and you only need one to two pumps to wash your body with it. So that’s good for the environment! After I come out of the shower, I spray the conditioner on my hair and let it sit there. You don’t have to rinse the product out and your hair doesn’t stick after it dried. It also helps you to go through your hair with your comb. To moisturize my legs I used the shea butter. I warm the product between my hands before I apply it on my skin. Otherwise it wil be sticky. It also needs a little time to sink into the skin, so don’t rush into your skinny jeans (like I did 😛 ), because you’re gonna be stuck 😀 .

You can buy these lovely products from Urtekram in the Belgian Carrefours #carrefourbelgium . The prices of the products vary between 5-7€. The shea butter is little pricier, because it has some richer ingrediënts in it. (+/- 15€)

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate and ask me in the comments down below!!

I hope you guys have enjoyed it!!!




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