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Hi guys!

I while ago I went on a citytrip to Porto in Portugal with my parents and I wanted to share with you my traveltips and hotspots from Porto.

Sooo, here we go!

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I’ll start with a little negative side of Porto and that’s it’s little filthy. That’s because the cultural centre is smaller than for example Lisboa. And you’re faster in the neighborhoods than a bigger cultural centre and that’s why it seems filthier. You understand what I mean? That’s so unfortunate because Porto is a very pretty city but they have to maintain the state of it, you get it?

The cultural city centre is very very pretty with a lot of pretty buildings.

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What you have to see:

  • The bridge: Ponte Dom Luís I (on the quay and on the bridge)
  • The Porto houses
  • The Porto boats
  • The quay along the Douro at the side of Porto
  • The Douro valley
  • The train station
  • Igreja do Carmo
  • Livraria Lello
  • Porto cathedral
  • Lighthouse of S. Miguel

And much more…

I will subdivide the city into pieces to make it more clear.

The old city

Here you have many nice little streets, shops and the most beautiful view of the porto houses across the bay. Come to the quay around sunset and create the best pictures ever (no filter needed!!!). In this part of the city you have a lot of little restaurants to eat. My favs were: Cantina 32 and Cantinho do Avillez were two very good restaurants to eat good (Portuguese) in the evenings. Puro 4050 was a good Italian restaurant at a little cute square.

Also a must do is, cross the Ponte D. Luis I and go to Nossa Senhora da Serra do Pilar. There you have a nice view from the other side of the city. Go Down to the quay and visit some Porto houses and take back the cable lift.


Go visit the Igrejas do Carmo and the Igreja e Torre dos Clérigos. Go true Praca de Lisboa and visit the beautiful library ‘Livraria Lello’. In this district you have a lot of cute shops and even a mall.


Walk down the northern shore of the douro and stop at the lighthouse for a pretty view at sea. A nice lunch place I can recommend is Mercrearia do Miguel and a very nice restaurant: Casa Vasco.

Last, I really recommend hiring a car and cruise true the stunning valley of the Douro and visit some nice Porto houses.

Hopefully this is a (little) handy guideline for your next trip to Porto!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate and ask me in the comments down below!!

I hope you guys have enjoyed it!!!






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