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How are you guys? Did you have a great summer/vacay? I did!! I went to Rhodos with 3 lovely friends

Day 1     (01/09/2016)


The taxi came to pick me up at 1am. I didn’t slept at all that night 🙁 Then he picked my friends up at the trainstation and at there houses. We had a 2 and a half hour drive to the airport of Liège. It was 3 o’clock in the morning when we arrived. Our flight was at 7am and we arrived at Rhodos at 11am. It was a nice and quiet flight with Tui (the new Jetairfly)


We took a taxi to our stay in Gennadi. It was an 1 hour drive.

Our stay in Gennadi was breathtaking!!! I knew it was pretty but not that pretty!! We stayed in a very big and luxurious villa (Filoxenia Villas). It has an automatic gate, 2 big parking spots, a garden at the front of the villa and one at the back, 7terraces (1 at each of the 4 chambers, one at the front of the villa, one at the pool and one on the rooftop), a big pool with 6 sunbeds, a BBQ, 2 outside showers, a big kitchen and livingroom, 1 bedroom with 2 single beds downstairs, 1 bathroom (shower, sink and toilet) downstairs, 3 bedrooms (Two bedrooms with double beds and One with 2 single beds) and one big bathroom with a bath.

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When we arrived we got a filled fridge and a yummy homemade juice from the owner. The owner gave us a tour of the villa with the corresponding explanation. He also gave us a lot of nice tips and places/restaurants we definitly had to visit. He and his wife (who we had spoken to on the phone) were very nice people!

He even took us to the Village of Gennadi 4km away from our villa. Because we had no car we rented 2 quads to move us around at Rhodos. In the villages we bought our groceries.

After we got back at the villa, we unpacked our stuff, took a lot of pictures and layed at the pool. That evening I made us some pasta with bacon, zucchini and parmesan cheese sauce.

Day 2     (02/09/2016)

We had to get up early to get our quads in the village. When we got back at the villa we made some healthy and yummy breakfast, chilled at the pool and made our planning for the next few days. We also went to the beachbar Mojito nearby our villa. It was a pebble beach. I did not like that because it hurt my bum 😀

That night we went to a nice Italian pizzeria that the owner had advised us. We went with our fancy dresses on the quads. It was a funny view and therefore received much attention from the Greeks 😉

Day 3     (03/09/2016)

We got up early to get our bus to the city Rhodos. I think we got one at 10am. It was a 2 hour drive because the bus stopped at every stop.We arrived at +/- 1pm. We ate something and did some shopping damage first. Then we walked to the Old town of Rhodos. It was very pretty and historical.

At 7pm we took the bus home. We had a lot of fun but were very tired. At the villa we ate some crap like chips etc. and went to bed.

Day 4     (04/09/2016)

We went with the taxi to the Epta piges wich means the Seven springs. It was a little disappointment because first of all we didn’t find them. Why? Because, it were just 7 little holes in the rocks and just one of them had water coming out 🙁 BUT we went in a tunnel ,barefood in water, trough the mountains to end up in a beautiful lake. It was a nice morning in nature 🙂

In the afternoon we took a dip in the pool and later in the evening I made chicken, curry, scampi and rice meanwhile my friends made the aperitif.

We went to bed early because we had to leave at 6am the next day.

Day 5     (05/09/2016)

I got up at 05:20 in the morning because we had to catch our bus to Rhodos. There we took a boat to the island Symi. We had to sail for 2 hours to get there.

In Symi, we strolled around in the harbour and ordered something to eat at a seaside restaurant. It was very pretty.

We had 3 hours in Symi, then we went with the boat to the other side of the island and visited an old monastery for one hour.

When we got back at the villa, we ate some aperitif and took a swim before we went to bed.

Day 6     (06/09/2016)

This day we slept in for a while because we were exhausted from the days before… 😉 At noon we drove with our quads to the most southern point of Rhodos namely Prassonissi. It was very hot that day and so we went to the beach. I think I swam like 3 hours in the sea. The water was so pretty and blue.

But because I forget to put on sunscreen I was really REALLY sunburned. I looked like a lobster 😀 It was sooooo painfully!!!

That night we ate some potatoes with vegetables and brochette that my friend made.

Day 7     (07/09/2016)

On day 7 we went with our quads to the beautiful city of Lindos. It was a big adventure with our quads on the steep roads of Lindos 😀

We strolled around in the little white streets of Lindos and walked to the Acropolis. There you had an amazing view.

After a dangerous and slippery descent, we went to a rooftop restaurant that our owner of the villa recommended. It was very tasty and nice.

At 7pm we had to get back at Gennadi because we had to turn in our quads 🙁 After that I chilled in the pool and went to bed.

Day 8     (08/09/2016)

We slept in and took a big and rich breakfast. We made our suitcases and cleaned everything up in the villa. The rest of the day we layed at the pool and my friend baked us some pancakes before we left.

The taxi came to pick us up at 6pm 🙁

At 2am (09/09/2016) I arrived at home in Bruges.

Hope you guys enjoyed it!!!





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