Sooo, as you may or may not know I am the new Sensationail Ambassador! Woop Woop 🙂 And I really REALLY need to tell you about these amazing nailpolishes! But first, YES I got some stuff from them, but this blogpost is a honest one. I already bought so many polishes my self before I became an ambassador!

I’ve been using Sensationail about 4/5 years now I think. I used it on myself, on my friends and family. I used it on my finger- and my toenails. I already had 18 colors before they kindly send me the 2017 collection. Today I will give you a little preview from the new collection, the colors, my opinion, prices,… In another blogpost I will review the products more in detail and with pictures of a perfect mani.

So, the new collection of 2017 from Sensationail consists of 10 new colors: 4 bright summery colors, 5 nude autumnal colors and 1 gold/silver glitter color.

Because It’s now summer I will start with the summery colors 😉

So, the first one that caught my eye, was the bright minty color. The name of it is mostly mint. Then we have a neon pink one in the color precious peony. The third one is slightly warmer and is in the color fuchsia fab. The last summery color is a special one. Depending on the light it’s like a pink/ orange color. Tropical punch is the perfect name for it!


On to the autumnal colors (secretly my favs 😉 )

The first color is an burned orangy/ nude in the color pink pawn. Mauving on top is a dusty old pink and ravishing raisin is like the same color but with some light glitters in it. Then we have a brown color in so chic. And the last one is a beautiful cherry purple in the color merlot magic.


The prices of these colors vary between 11€ and the 15€. (More in depth pics in the next blogpost)

Now, how does this concept work? You need to have a LED-lamp and the basics from Sensationail. You can buy a starter kit from Sensationail (click on the link to buy the cheapest one). In the kit you have a LED-lamp, 2 nailfiles, some swabs, a nailprimer, a gelpolish base and topcoat, 2 wooden cuticle pushers and some alcohol.

It’s 68€ for the starter kit. You can use it for 10 times (so 10 times 2 hands), but I’ve found that it last longer than that. The manicure/ gelpolish stays for about 14 days or even longer depending on what you do with your hands.

So, if you do the math, you pay about 7,9€/ mani. And if you compare that with a nailsalon… It’s 40€ (or even more) cheaper. In the beginning you’ll need some practice, but when you get it, you’ll get such a pretty mani (for 2 weeks!!!).

Soooo, I think I’ve said it all, I guess? The next blogpost about Sensationail will be some manicure ideas and the swatches of every color.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate and ask me in the comments down below!!

I hope you guys have enjoyed it!!!





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