Poreless with Caudalie’s NEW range: Vinopure

What do you say? Poreless? Acne free? Yes girls/ boys you heard it right!

Caudalie came out with a whole new range specially focused on a problematic skin (like mine 😉 ) that has big pores, sebum, acne, etc. I got my acne at late age by what I eat and also hormonally. My skin has been a big “issue” since then… I really hate the big visible pores on my cheeks and my nose!! It makes me insecure sometimes as it does for a lot of women and men I guess? What to do about it you say? I’m so pleased to say I think the new range of caudalie works on my skin!

Vinopure, the new range of Caudalie consists of 3 new products: a toner, a serum and a moisterizer. These three all actively work together to get good results.They used natural ingredients as they do in every product of their gamma. Some of these are: grapes, 6 essential oils, salicylic acid and rose hydrolate.

It’s a three way step routine, very easy, very quick!

The clear skin purifying toner cleans and preps the skin. It also hydrates it with the grape ingredients. I use it in the morning and at nighttime! It gives you a very fresh and clean feeling. After that, I use the blemish control infusion serum. It’s gonna actively and deeply cleanse the skin against the big pores and acne. It hasn’t got a drying feeling at all! It leaves the skin with a naturl glow 🙂 I really use it as a “treatment” and leave it on the skin for a couple of minutes to really let it sink in!  I used it also in the morning and at night to get the best results 🙂 At last, I use the skin perfecting mattifying fluid. It helps to get rid of the sebum/shine on a short term and on a long term! It does not dry out the skin as you may think! It feels very natural and light to the touch.


So, now you know a bit more about the products! If you want so see me use them? Then be sure to watch my Youtube video for more 🙂

These are the skin results from before and after using the products for 3 weeks:


You can buy the products at your local pharmacy or at the shop in Bruges!

Toner: €17,60

Serum: €31,70

Fluid: €26,40

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate and ask me in the comments down below!!

I hope you guys have enjoyed it!!!




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