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Hi guys!

Yesterday I went to the launch of Kenzo vs H&M! Me and my friend (@Yaelle_gt) went to Brussels for exploring the wild jungle of #kenzoXhm!

When we arrived, it was really calmer then expected… Weird right? Mostly when a designer collaborate with H&M people are fighting to get 1 piece, but now it looked like nothing special was happening.

If you want to know what my friend got from the kenzo collection, go take a look on her BLOG!

I didn’t buy anything because it was not my kind of style. I just went for the experience!

We ate some burgers at Manhattns and the best donuts I’ve ever tasted in my life at COCO Donut.

But, I just wanted to show you guys what I wore that day.


I wore my new Zara parka (89,95€) and styled it with my hat from H&M (9,99€). Under my parka I had my blue Tee from Zalando ( Dorothy perkins 29,95€) and I styled it with my high waisted, dark blue skinny jeans from Zalando (GAP: 64,95€). Of course, my nike’s couldn’t be left out. I also bought these on Zalando (Nike air force 109,95€)


I wore my (prescripted) glasses from Ralph Lauren, my bag is from Mango and my watch is from Fossil (130€)

So this was a little summary of my day and my #OOTD!

Hope you guys enjoyed it!!!




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  1. 4 november 2016 / 16:52

    it is so funny how things differ from one city to another. I went in London and it was a proper street fight… a jungle suitable to Kenzo! I even posted a video of it on my Instagram, as I could no believe my eyes!

    • 7 november 2016 / 13:38

      Yes I know right? I heard in Antwerp it was a lot bussier then in Brussels… Thank you for your reaction! xx

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