NYX liquid lipstick review/collection

Hi guys!

Today I’m going to review the liquid lipsticks of NYX I own in my makeup collection. I have  different shades of different lines of NYX cosmetics. I have two colors from the NYX lip lingerie liquid matte lipstick line. The first color I own is in ‘Embellishment’. It is a pink purpel-ish color. The second color I have from that line is in the color ‘Bedtime flirt’. It’s a pink nude color. It has a little brown touch to it. I really like the lingerie line of NYX but It can dry out your lips a bit. BUT, I recommend to use a really good nourishing lipbalm before you aply the NYX lip lingerie liquid matte lipstick.

I also have one NYX lid lingerie, but I use it also as a liquid lipstick. It has a nice pink maroon metallic color. It’s in the color ‘Evening spell’. I really love to use it as a liquid lipstick but as a liquid eyeshadow it’s also really good.

Then, I also have two soft matte lip creams from NYX cosmetics. One in the color ‘Budapest’. This is a dark maroon red color. The second one is in the color ‘Sao Paulo’ and this one is a blush red-ish pink. I like this line but it fades faster than the lingerie line. It helps if you pat your lips with some tissue after you applied the liquid lipstick and lock it in with some translucent powder.

Here are some pics of  the liquide lipsticks and swatches;

Hope you guys enjoyed it!!!





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