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First of all I’m so SOOOO sorry I been absent from my blog  🙁 It’s been a year now (I think) that I didn’t post anything. My only explantion is: I just forgot 🙁

BUT let me make it up for you guys! Because… Today I’ll write about some beauty stuff!!!

thumb_img_5520_1024So, on the 23th of June 2016 the FIRST NYX Cosmetics store in Belgium at Gent opened! I was sooo excited to hear that one of my favorite (and cheapest) make up brands came to little Belgium.

I made plans with a friend of mine, to travel by train to Gent. No sooner said than done, we arrived in Gent. The store opened at 10am. As soon as we arrived we saw a long queue through the street the store is located in. We waited for about 3 hours in line (when it rained cats and dogs) before we could get in the store, but it was worth it!

We got a lot of goodies while we were waiting in line. Some of the goodies were: proper corn, little miracles organic enegiser, rhubarb juice and a big lollypop. These free gifts were from the company Ddrinks (except the lollypop). Normaly, the first 250 shoppers would get a make up bag, but unfortunatly I wasn’t one of them 🙁

The shop was (for my doing) big and very sleek. Everything was very organised and clean. The people, who work there, were filling the shelves continuously so everyone could get some NYX goodies. 🙂

I bought 5 NYX cosmetics products. They’re all lip products because I heard (and I saw in reviews) they’re the best quality!

So first of all I bought 2 Soft Matte Lip Creams in the colors “Sao Paolo” and “Budapest”. I searched matching lipliners with those colors and this is what I found: 1 slide on glide on lipliner in the colour “Bedrose” and 1 retractable lipliner in the color “Jewel”.

I also bought the famous Lip Lingerie matte liquid lipstick in the colour Embellishment. the price tag for all of this was about 37euros. I think that’s very cheap for 5 good lipproducts!

After we got out of the store, we couldn’t leave Gent without some more shopping damage ;).

We went to lush and of course I had fallen for the lush bathbombs :p. I bought the “Intergalactic” one an the “Sakura” bath bomb. My room will smell nice now to Lush Cosmetics store.

We also went to the usual stuff like ZaraBershka and much more… But that was my day at the opening of the NYX store at Gent

If you guys want a review and/or swatches from the NYX products or the Lush bathbombs let me know in the comments down below! And please check out my social media 😉 (Links are in the “Contact me” page)

Hope you guys enjoyed it!!!






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