My summer essentials

Hi guys!

With this nice weather goes some summery products don’t you think? Here are some of my summer essentials or products I think you guys need to check out!

First you can think of when you hear summer or sun is ofcourse sunscreen!

As I’m a beautyblogger I test a lot of different sunscreens. I’ve chosen a variaty of sunscreens that are low- and high end. For body sunscreen, I have three recommendations: The Bali Beach Bathe sunscreen Bali Bliss scent spf 30 (€12), the Lovea Protecting sunscreen spf 50 (€10,99) and the Lierac Sunissime Energizing and protecting milk spf 15 (€25,90).

By now you must have heard of Bali Beach frops?! Yes? Then you should know that they also do amazing bath and sun products! It’s designed by a Belgian woman named Annie Pham and the products are made in Bali. All the products have a vacay/Bali scented touch to it. The sunscreen has a thick consistancy but you can rub it nice and evenly into the skin. You can buy the lovely products online or in her store in Knokke. And while you are there, do try out the delicious Bali frops!!! My absolute fav is the raspberry-lemon one 🙂

Another low-end sunscreen is the Lovea one! This one is more milky than the Bali Beach one. This one is soooo perfect for vampires like me who burn so easily 😀  The Lovea sunscreen has e lovely coconuty scent. It also reminds me of an island like Bali or the Bahama’s. You can buy this one online or at a Di shop.

The Lierac sunscreen is a high-end one, but still doable camparing to other high-end sunscreens. It isn’t only a very good hydrating and protecting sunscreen lotion but it also takes care of aging signs on a longer term. It gives you a smooth feeling when you apply it and it should make your skin much firmer. The only thing I would recommend with this sunscreen is to apply it more frequently because it has only a spf of 15, but they also have higher spf’s! You can buy the Lierac sunscreen in your local pharmacist or online.

I hate to use a regular sunscreen on my face so I love to use these two: the Nivea UV Sun Shine Control (€ 11,49) and the Lierac Sunissime Energizing protective fluid for face and décolleté (€ 29,90).

The nivea one helps to prevent aging by UV and it also makes the skin matte. So, no shiny white face overhere! 😀 Perfect to use underneath your makeup. As a high-end sunscreen protector for the face I’ve chosen the Lierac one. This one is the ‘face’ version of the body one. It protects your face and décolleté from aging by giving it a firming boost.

And what’s equally important as sunscreen? Aftersun ofcourse! If you want to calm your skin and protect your nice new tan, then you must use one of these aftersuns: The Ritual of Karma from Rituals (€ 15) and the Lierac Sunissime Rehydrating Repair Milk (€ 26,90). They both are very soothing and calming for the skin! I find they have an instant result if you let them sink in over night. The Lierac one has also the benefit of anti-aging, so that’s a big plus! You also have an aftersun for the face from Lierac (€ 41,90). It’s more of a serum than a lotion. So, it’s a more concentrated version and restores the skin on a deeper level. The Kruidvat after sun serum in ampoules (€ 5,99) is similar but you have to use it a couple of days to have some results, but still very nice to use.

Here are some other very nice products I like to use in the summer:

Kruidvat Solait SPF30 Head & Hair Protection Spray (€ 6,99); Cools and protect your head and hair.

Nivea Sunshine Love Douchegel (€ 3,39); Calms the sunburned skin in the shower.

Phyto Plage Hair & Body Rehydrating Shampoo (€ 12,60)

Phyto Plage After Sun Recovery Mask (€ 13,25)

And for the people who can not tan (like me 😉 ) here are some of my fav fake tans (no streaks!!):

Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster (€ 24,50); A facetanner to mix with your day or night cream.

Oskia Adaptive Tan Drops ( +/- € 80,00); A facetanner to mix with your day or night cream.

Kruidvat Solait Overnight Tan Mask (€ 3,99); A facetanner to leave overnight.

Kruidvat Summer Bronze Bodylotion (€ 2,99); A perfect light fake tanner for the body.

Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived Dark Bodylotion (€ 8,19); A perfect light fake tanner for the body.

Tanorganic Selftan Lotion (€ 31,50): Perfect for a quick tan and it’s an organic brand! Also for the body.


I hope ya’ll have (had) a great summer! Let me know where you travelled to in the comments down below!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate and ask me in the comments down below!!

I hope you guys have enjoyed it!!!






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