My Skin ID with MyClarins

A product for every skin “problem”? Yes, pleaszz!!

First let me share my Skin ID:

Mixed; I have an oily forehead, nose and chin. But, I have dry to sometimes even flaky cheeks (mostly in wintertime!)

Large pores; I hates my large pores on my nose and cheeks, mainly because of the disgusting blackheads… YUK!!

Sensitive; I have very sensitive and red skin! You only have to touch my skin a little and I’m like a tomato :p It’s also sensitive to weather changes and hormonal changes (more or less red/ zits)

Clarins brought a whole new line to the skincare market perfect for the “young” skin; MyClarins. They have made the line in such way that every skin problem has a problem-solving product. The products are nature friendly. They’re made with fruit extracts, herbs, flowers, seeds, etc. The products are totally vegan friendly! Go Nature!! I’m loving the “back to earth/nature” skincare hype 🙂

Let’s take a look at the lovely products wich I was allowed to test from MyClarins?!

First the RE-MOVE purifying gel cleanser; It’s a gel cleanser for all skin types that gets rid off all the dirt and excessive oils. It purifies and rebalance the skin with the help of the meadowsweet extracts. It’s NOT a cleanser that leaves the skin sticky, dry or tight. The bitter orange flower water helps to soften the skin. (€19,50)

After using the cleanser, you can use the RE-FRESH hydrating beauty mist! It helps the skin prepare for you upcoming skincare routine. It’s also a very good refreshing moisterizer. The fig extract helps to moisturize the skin and the robinia flower water helps to soften it! The acerola seeds gives the skin that fresh dewy look! You can use this mist at any time of the day… Before, between or after your skincare routine! (€19,50)

Super fan of the next product; The RE-BOOST refreshing hydrating cream. Let’s compare it with a morning smoothie on you face! Love it!! The freshness of the acerola seed extracts and tamarind pulp acids wakes you up in the morning whilst the coconut water and Alpenrose gives your skin that dewy boost your skin needs in the morning! The goji berry and fig extracts gives your skin an energy and moisterizing boost! The botanicals of the product also helps to prevent damage to the skin due to the pollution!! Softness, healthy dewy glow and energy… What do you want more for your skin? (€25)

Want to erase those (disgusting/large) pores? That’s possible with the PORE-LESS blur and matte stick. It isn’t a product I tend to use in my skincare routine, but It works like it says. It has the working of a “normal” pore filling primer, but with active working ingredients. The strawberry tree fruits extract will tighten the pores on a long term usage. (€17)

After a long day of whatever you did you can re use the RE-MOVE & RE-FRESH products followed by the RE-CHARGE relaxing sleep mask! The huang qi extratc will clear your skin while you’re sleeping! The moisturizer also contains the coconut water, alpenrose, fig and acerola seed extracts. It will also help against the pollution after a long day outside, before a computer, Ipad, etc. (€27)

I like the new range of Clarins, especially the RE-FRESH and RE-BOOST products! Sooo soft and the scents are lovely! I like the idea of “problem-solving” products that are also vegan/ natural. The only thing saw on the ingredient list I did not like was the perfume in it! For me it isn’t that big of a deal, but I know some of you have a very sensitive skin and I don’t think that’s a good idea! (#AD)

I hope you guys have enjoyed it!!!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate and ask me in the comments down below!!




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