My morning skincare routine

Hi guys!

Today I’m going to show you which products I use on my face in the morning.

So, to start, I always wash my face with the creamy foam cleanser from Rituals. (You will notice that I only use skincare products from Rituals. I really honostly love this brand and their products and in anyway I’m NOT sponsored by them!!!) This face wash cleanses your skin as well as it makes your skin as soft as a baby. It also brightens up your face. All these products you can buy at a Rituals shop or at an Inno Galleria. This face wash costs 12,50€.

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Then I will take my brightening face exfoliator from Rituals, wet my face and gently scrub my face with it. I scrub my face every two days. This scrub has a fine grain and makes sure it gets rid of the death skin cells. (12,50€) I wash the product off and use a soft cloth to dry my face.

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When my face is dry, I use my intense moisture serum also from Rituals and massage it into my skin. (28,50€) When it’s dry, I take my 24h hydrating gel cream (26,50€ at Rituals) and put it on my face. After that, I massage the refreshing eye lotion beneath my eyes. (19,50€ at Rituals) And finally I use my smooth operator lipbalm to get rid of the little cracks in my lips. (8,50€)

So, this was my morning skincare routine. I hope you guys had something from this blogpost. I also will write an evening skincare routine.

Hope you guys enjoyed it!!!







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  1. 11 maart 2017 / 11:36

    that lip balm looks gorgeous – I’m always looking for a new one! It would be great if you could check out my blog x

    • 22 maart 2017 / 00:20

      Hi!! Nice to hear you liked the blogpost! And of course I will do that!! xx

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