My dovely shower moments

Hi guys!

Long time no bodycare blogpost! So, here it is…

On the ‘Dovely moments’ event in Antwerp we got such a lovely range of the new Dove skincare products that I had to talk about them on my blog. Ofcourse, I’ve chosen all the pink ones … duuuh 😉 I’ve tested all four of the products and like evey one of them!

Dove couldn’t stay behind… Now, they also have a shower mousse on the market and I can tell you that it smells A M A Z I N G !!! They have 3 scents (argan oil, rose oil & coconut oil), but I’ve chosen the rose oil one ofcourse! A little tip: the packaging contains a sticker that you can scratch to smell the scent of the shower mousses in the supermarket. The shower mousse is very foamy and leaves the skin very soft (€6,99).

I use the new Dove exfoliating body scrub (€8,99) together with the mousse so that the scrub particles don’t fall off your body. The seeds of the pomegranate scrubs your skin and the shea butter hydrates and leaves the skin soft to the touch. (The other scents: kiwi and cool aloë, crushed macadamia and rice milk)

After using the scrub I rinse my body with water and the new anti-stress micellar water body wash from Dove (€5,99). This one cleanses the skin more deeply and also leaves the skin with a soft feeling like we’re used from Dove.

I’ve been using Dove antiperspirant for years now and they got a new one in the range. It’s a new scent and it also doesn’t stain any kind of colored shirt/blouse. And no, it’s not a selling trick! I saw it with my own eyes that it does NOT stain (in comparison with other brands). I really was amazed (€4,19).

The new products are amazing for using in the shower and very budget proof. I would recommend every one of them!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate and ask me in the comments down below!!

I hope you guys have enjoyed it!!!




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