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About 2 weeks ago I went to Londen with one of my best friends. We went for 2 days and slept 1 night. We booked our hotel with This site is very good and very safe to use. We went with one of the many Eurolines busses. That was the cheapest way to travel to London.

Iphone foto's 521It was an 8 hour long journey but it was fun. We hopped on the bus around 9pm in Gent-Dampoort (Belgium) and after we checked in and found our places to sit, we drove to Calais (France). We waited for about 30minutes to ship in. We were lucky to have a kind of “new” boat, because the newer once have a Starbucks in it! About now it was 3am so we could use the coffee ;). I had my favorite: Caramel Macchiato.

The trip from Calais (France) to Dover (UK) was  1hour and 30minutes. Then we travelled with the bus to the Victoria station in London. The smartest thing to do if you going to use the undergrounds a lot, is to buy a (1,2,3,..) day pass or an Oyster card, because for 1 single trip it’s 4,48 pound. We used an 1day pass, so we had to pay 12pound each. We travelled from the Victoria station to the Picadilly station. From there we went by foot to our hotel. It was a 2min walk.

Iphone foto's 657We stayed in The Z Hotel. This hotel lies in the centre of Londen. We had a very good connection with the underground (= metro 😉 ) to our hotel. When we arrived it was 7am and normaly we had to check in at 3pm but they were very friendly. We could leave our bags and took a nice breakfast. It was a buffet and you could choose between a typical English breakfast or an Oriental breakfast.Iphone foto's 529

Iphone foto's 528After our breakfast we went to see the cultural side of London that’s why we only bought an 1 day pass. We took the underground to The Tower castle and from there on we went by foot and walked along the Thames. Iphone foto's 549

Iphone foto's 526So first we saw the Tower castle with the famous Tower Bridge. Then we passed by the Shakespeare globe theatre, the Millennium Bridge and lots of other stuff.

Then we took the underground to Iphone foto's 559the Westminster underground to see the Big Ben and the LondonIphone foto's 561 Eye. We also saw Westminster Abbey, walked through the St. James’s Park and eventually we saw the Buckingham Palace and we were just on time to see the guards switch places

Iphone foto's 562

After that we went to see Harrods. Harrods is a famous and Iphone foto's 619very expensive mall with a lot of luxurious products.

Then it was time to eat a snack. We ate at Starbucks. I got a tosti with cheese and ham with a refreshing lemon juice. And as a dessert I had a greek yoghurt with grenola.Iphone foto's 625

When we finished our snack we took the underground (again 😀 ) to Bond street where we went shopping for the rest of the day. I went totally crazy in the Victoria’s Secret because in Belgium we only have one store and it is located behind the customs of the Brussels airport, so you can’t shop there very often…Iphone foto's 631

When my feet started to hurt we went back to the hotel to chill a bit and eat some free cheese and wine. Between 5pm and 9pm you can get free cheese, wine or other drinks in the Z hotel. When we finally checked in and got our luggage back we went to our room to chill and make a reservation at Carluccio’s. It was a very nice place and very good food.

The next day all we did was shop, shop and shop untill we dropped 😉 At noon we ate some Ben’s cookies and in the evening we ate at a pizza hut alike restaurant.

Iphone foto's 639Iphone foto's 640Iphone foto's 641At 20pm it was time to go back to Belgium. I give you 1 big tip!!! If you travel by bus to London please departure on time to the bus station because it’s one big chaos there. We took 1 hour to find out in wich queue we had to stand to go to Belgium, because there were no staff members of Eurolines to be found and the rows of people was one big mess. So please, leave on time!!

Iphone foto's 648

This is a foto of everything I bought on this trip. You see I went crazy in Victoria’s secret 😉

So that was my first experience of London. I hope it wasn’t my last one 😉

Hope you guys enjoyed it!!!




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      • 10 augustus 2015 / 20:01

        how even short it is.. the trip was really worth it. Fun journey 😊😊 london is love

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