Lierac Hydragenist

It’s that time again when everything turns into frost, even my skin … My skin suffers so much from the cold and bare weather. It gives my skin a dull/ cracked look to it and I HATE it!!

I had to pleasure to test the delightful products of Lierac Paris! I could choose any range of products I wanted and I knew winter was coming ( 😉 ) So, I have chosen the Hydragenist range.

This range is well known for a full hydrated face and to induce the face with oxygen, whilst giving the skin a fresh/plump touch!

I start my winter routine with the Hydragenist hydrating morningmist. It wakes the skin by using the combination of hydrating oxygen and rhodiola rosea. Therefore the product gives you a fresh and plump face and gives you the feeling (and the look) of 8 hours of sleep 😉

After I let this product set… I use another product from another range of Lierac, namely the Rosilogie neutralising cream. It’s a day/night cream that helps to cure/prevent redness from 3 different sources: sudden temporary redness, redness with visible blood vessels and diffuse redness. That last one is a problem of my skin. It means I always have red skin on my cheeks and nose ( you can also have it on other places on your face/neck). The cream has 3 mainly ingredients to treat the 3 different kind of redness ( neuro sedative peptide, Ruscus plant and dextran) Dextran will help against the diffuse redness. The shea butter will help to calm the skin, whilst the green pigment of the cream will make the skin more even.

In the evening, after I cleanse my skin from dirt/makeup, I like to use the Hydragenist hydrating SOS nutribalm! It’s a very rich cream, this because it uses a very advanced technique “aesthetic tissue oxygenation”. It means the product will stimulatie the oxygenation from your skin cells and enriches them with hyaluronic acid. The cream will give you a very fresh feeling and also a plumpy skin 🙂 And OMG the smell of these products??!!! Soo good! My mom even steals my products because they smell and feel so good 😀

EXTRA; Lierac Paris is one of the 5 brands of the Alès group. Another brand from them, that I also would recommend is, Jowaé! It’s a young and fresh brand with lots of lovely products! I use the Jowaé wrinkle smoothing eyeserum, light moisterizing cream and OMG a must buy in the summer is their hydrating water mist with sakura blossoms!! The products are also very good and not that pricy!

You can buy the products in your local pharmacy or online!


• Hydragenist hydrating mist; 29,90€

• Hydragenist hydrating SOS nutribalm; 32,64€.

• Rosilogie neutralising cream; 29,90€

I hope you guys have enjoyed it!!!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate and ask me in the comments down below!!




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