Kruidvat Skin Science Derma Sensitive

You know that feeling when your skin feels like paper, it has that thight feeling to it and it feels dull? I got you guys!

Meet the Kruidvat Skin Science Derma Sensitive collection:


The past 2 months I’ve been testing out these lovely products from Kruidvat. First I wasn’t that keen on the thoughts of testing out Kruidvat products, because I’m used to products like: Rituals, Caudalie and L’Occitane. But, I have to say, it openend my eyes more towards low-end products! I got the whole range of the derma sensitive collection; the day- and nightcream, the serum and the oil.

As it’s the logical way, I’ll start with the serum. As I use that first in my morning routine. I like the way it feels on my skin. My skin instantly feels less tight and hydrated. The product says it has to improve the redness of your skin, but I do not really see that. It’s the only thing that the serum doesn’t do, but promissed to do. I have to admit that I really really suffer from a lot of redness in my face and it’s difficult to get rid of that. (€5,50)

Next, You have the day cream. My feelings about this one are very neutral. I think it does the job good. It hydrates well, but I think there are better products who actually do something about your skin “problems”. (€ 5,50)

In the evening, I use the night cream. The same feeling like the day cream, it hydrates very well, but does it give your skin something extra? I don’t know. (€ 5,50)

If my skin needed that extra hydration in the evening, then I used the oil. I like what it does, but I don’t like the way It leaves your skin very oily. I think the oil takes a long time to sink into your skin and that’s the only thing I really don’t like about this product. Otherwise I love the way I wake up in the morning with a bright and hydrated face! (€5,50)

So, over all, I would repurchase the serum, because it does what it says it’s gonna do (except getting rid of the redness of the skin, but that’s a personal problem I think). And it’s very cheap for that kinda product! And for the rest of the products I would not pass it for that kind of price, but think there are better products to use.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate and ask me in the comments down below!!

I hope you guys have enjoyed it!!!






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