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Hi guys!

Lately, I’m so into the ‘clean’ and fair skincare products (if you haven’t noticed yet). I did reviews on Bella Aura, Caudalie, Urtekram, etc. So, ofcourse I can not leave Yves Rocher behind right?! They have this amazing range “Hydra végétal” with a lot of amazing products for a really good price. They were so kind to send me some of these lovely products to test out.

I got 4 products from the range, perfect for cleansing the face and hydrating it. The hydra végétal range is best known for the edulis flower that keeps the moisture into your skin and hydrates it. The flower gets harvested at their own plantations at La Gacilly.

So, let’s start at the beginning, the cleansing.

A good cleanse is a good start in the morning! With the ultra fresh gel cleanser (€ 7,90) you get rid off the ‘dirt’ and old skin flakes on your face. It gives you a very fresh feeling in the mornings. Ofcourse, you can also use this product at night. After that, I use the very cooling gel cream (€ 14,90). It gives you such a soft touch to the skin! I really love it. It sinks in so quickly too! You can compare this product to the Rituals 24h hydrating gel cream, but much cheaper. And because of my very pretty undereye bags, I love to put on some eye cream (€ 14,90) (And as I do not get any younger, you know 😉 …) Like the rest of the products, it also gives you a very cooled feeling. An extra tip, put your eye cream in the fridge to get that extra cooling effect.

As your skin absorbs the most at night, it’s necessary to cleanse your skin well, so your skin does not absorb all the filt and makeup!! So do NOT go sleeping with makeup on pleaszzz just don’t do it 😉 To take of my makeup, I use the milk hydrating makeup remover (€ 7,90) from the hydra végétal range. And ofcourse this one is also cooling, hydrating as it takes of your makeup. Normally I do not like milky makeup removers, but… this one surprisingly sinks in very quickly!

For the rest of the night routine, just repeat the steps above from the morning routine.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate and ask me in the comments down below!!

I hope you guys have enjoyed it!!!




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  1. 16 juli 2018 / 13:17

    Die zien er heel goed uit, fijn review!

    • admin
      30 juli 2018 / 20:20

      Echt hele leuke productjes voor een super prijsje!!! Mercikes! superlief!!

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