DIY patches


Long time no see 🙂 I’ve been working a lot and I’ve been doing some exams 🙁 …

But today I’ll make it up for you guys!

THE trend of this summer are patches and pins, but some clothing pieces with patches are extremely expensive. So that’s why I created a cheap and pretty DIY patched shorts for you guys.


I searched a high-waisted shorts on Zalando in my size and I found a really cheap one from ONLY. Originally it was €26.95 but because there were some sales and I also had a coupon code, I got it for  €12.

The next step was the search for patches. I found a lot of cute patches on different sites. Here are some of those sites: SKINNYDIPLondon , ASOS , Veritas , …



I got mine from the veritas store. I went totally crazy. They have so many cute patches 😮 I really wanted some patches who were Disney inspired. I saw they had a lot of disney patches. I got the one with the rabbit of Alice in Wonderland and Minnie Mouse eyes with her typical bow. I also wanted some cute patches like a cherry, a lipstick and a cactus. They had everything there! Even in every size and color.

thumb_img_9023_1024These are all the patches I bought.


In total I bought 9 packs of different patches.


Then it was time to place the patches on the shorts. I think I replaced the patches at least 6 times 😀 When you found the right spots for your patches on your shorts, you can move on to the ironing.

It was a big challenge for me to iron all the patches on my shorts :p But I found a good way to do it good and fast! Take a thin towel and place it above the patches. Sprinkle some water on the towel and iron the patch on your shorts. You can also use some steam but not too much! Iron for about 30sec –  1min and make sure the patch stick to your jeans shorts. After 2 patches you’ll get the hang of it!

And tadaaaaaa you got yourself a patched shorts for the price of  €35.55! I already got a lot of compliments on mine from friends and shopowners.

Let me know what you thought from this little blogpost in the comments down below and if you made yourself a DIY patched shorts make sure you tag me in it on instagram!

I hope you guys enjoy!!!

XoXo Jana


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