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So today, I’ve got a review for you from the products I got to try out from Caudalie. I got these lovely products on the Caudalie dinner at Knokke a few weeks ago.

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All products are 100% natural and are made by Mathilde Thomas. She was inspired by the vineyard she lived on. So, every caudalie product has something to do with grapes and vines. You can buy the Caudalie products in some pharmacies and online. They also have spa’s where they use the Caudalie products.

The first product I got is the well known Beauty elixir. I was sooooo excited to get this one! I knew Mascha from Beautygloss raved about this product. So, I was  happy to get the chance to put it to the test myself. And I have to say, that the expectations are fulfilled. The beauty elixir is so refreshing and calming for the skin. You can use it before and after your skincare/makeup routine, but I like to use it before my skincare. It also takes away the redness of my face. The product contains a lot of essential oils and ingredients like: minth, melisse, grapes, roses, myrrh and rosemary. (37€)

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The second product I received is the brightning serum against (dark) spots from the Vinoperfect line. I use this in the morning and before bedtime. It makes my skin glow more and it gives a good base for the rest of my skincare. If you have an oily skin, don’t worry, you can also use this serum because it’s oil free! Woop woop!! It contains: olives, squalane and viniferine. And girls… Do not forget to treat your neck with this one! (49,30€)

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Then we have the matifying and hydrating fluid from the Vinosource line. First of all, loooove the pink packging :p So as the product already says, it matifies but it doesn’t dry out the skin as it also hydrates the skin. But because I have a very very but really oily forhead, it keeps shining even if I use this lovely product. So only 1 of the 2 promising effects works on my skin, but that doesn’t mean it’s the same for you! I only use this one in the mornings. (24,60€)

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The next one has a triple action as it hydrates, it’s anti-aging and it highlights the bags under your eyes. Yes, You’ve read it right, you can use the Premier Cru eye cream as a highlighter!!! It really works as it gives you a healthy and fresh glow. The product contains polyphenoes, resveratrol and viniferine. Just use a small amount under your eyes and gently tap it into your skin. (56,30€)

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The grape water spray is an absolute great one on hot summer days to cool down a bit. But it’s not just refreshing but also hydrating for the face as no other spray mostly is. (13,90€)

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And last but definitely not least, I’ve got the honor to get the brand new French Kiss lipbalms. They aren’t even for sale yet. Felt very blessed. They’re very moisturising and they leave a subtle pink gloss on the lips. they even smell and taste good.

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A little tip for you guys: Do NOT throw away the packaging from caudalie because there’s a code inside the box that you can use on the site to save points. And because I had 100points I got a free gift 🙂 I chose their cleansing care oil to remove all your makeup at night. It’s a 17,90€ worthy gift.

So yeah, I hope you got something from this review on the caudalie products. Let me know in the comments if you’ve already tried one of the caudalie products?!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate and ask me in the comments down below!!

I hope you guys have enjoyed it!!!





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  1. 10 augustus 2017 / 18:01

    Great Review! Would love to try these products! Follow for follow?

  2. Shana
    15 augustus 2017 / 09:35

    Leuke review! Die roze tube wil ik ook haha 😊 mijn huid is onder invloed van hormoonschommelingen fel veranderd, van droog naar gemengd, wil zeker die matterende kwaliteiten uittesten.

    • 24 september 2017 / 15:08

      Ja mijn huid heeft ook zn eigen leventje haha :p smorgens droog dan rond de middag vettig en dan soms nog eens met velletjes erbij jakkes :s

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