Bruges best hotspots!

Hi you guys!

I was scrolling down my blog yesterday ( bcs I’m self absorbed like that #lol) and I’ve noticed I never wrote a blogpost about my hometown yet??! Like whut? Bruges is one of the prettiest and cosiest cities ever with lot’s of hidden gems!

So, I thougt it would be nice to share with you my fav food hotspots of Bruges!

My top favorite hotspot for every meal/ time of the day;

Breakfast: You must visit “Kottee Kaffee” and taste their sweet and salty breakfast! They have a lovely range of special kind of bread and the best hot coco in whole of Bruges! I would also recommend to get a yoghurt with granola and banana as an extra with your breakfast! Kottee Kaffee is also a nice place to sit and drink a cup off coffee or tea after a good day of shopping!

Adress: Korte Zilverstraat 8, 8000 Brugge

For a good and healthy lunch, you must go to “Blackbird”! Their salad with a sandwich is so good! I always take the same one, namely one with brie, apples and walnut! If I’m very hungry I also like to order a soup of the day with it, but if not then you’ll also be filled enough with just a salad! Blackbird has a big range of special drinks (hot/cold). My favorite one I like to order, is the Noa with elderflower and rhubarb flavor. Also, they’ve lot’s of tasty tea’s (detox, herbals, etc.)

Adress: Jan van Eyckplein 7, 8000 Brugge

Shopping makes me hungry and as a sweet snack I like to go to “Tarteline”. She’s a friend of mine who has a very nice concept, namely a little tartlet on a stick! She has them in different flavours and sizes. You can take them on the go or eat them at her lovely (pink 😉 ) place. Another must taste is the french toast with warm apples, biscoff and cinnamon!! And this with her iced coffee as the cherry on top!

Adress: Mallebergplaats 3, 8000 Brugge

If you’re looking for a cosy chic place to have a drink and with or without a little snack just before dinner? Then “Blend” is the right place for you! It’s a cosy (not expensive) place to have a glass of wine (or two 😉). I’m not that kind of a wine drinker, but I really like their sweet white wine “Sunkissed”. Also, I would recommend taking some little snacks like a chees/shrimp croquette or a cold plate of cheeses and meats with it!

Adress: Kuipersstraat 8-10, 8000 Brugge

To close off the day, Dinner at “Tom’s Diner”! A cosy place with real flemish food like how grandma makes it but better presented 😀

Adress: West-Gistelhof 23, 8000 Brugge

Other nice and tasty places:


Books and brunch

De Belegde Boterham

Lio lait

Vero caffé

The Gulliver Tree

Jilles beer and burgers 

De Republiek

The Gingerbread Tea House

Lizzie’s waffles

In The Mood


’T Bagientje

Den heerd


That’s toast





And much more

I hope you guys have enjoyed it!!!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate and ask me in the comments down below!!




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