Brows on FLEEK

Hi guys!

Today I’m going to show you how I maintain my eyebrows and how I do them in my daily routine! And while I’m at it, I will review the goof-proof kit from Benefit (Soft and natural brows in color 2)

How I maintain my brows?


  • I wash my face to get all the “dirt” of.
  • I clean my eyebrows with some alcohol to get the “grease” of.
  • Then I look at my eyebrow shape and draw a line (with my eyebrow pencil) at the bottom of my eyebrow. This, I do because I would not go over it with my tweezers etc.
  • First I will wax my eyebrows carefully under, next to and also above my eyebrow.
  • Then I will tweeze the little hairs that are left. Make sure you do NOT tweeze to much!!!
  • After that I will trim my eyebrows with a little scissor! Again make sure you do NOT trim to much hair of!!! I don’t always do this step, because I like voluminous eyebrows. 🙂
  • If you want to, you can now use some eyebrow coloring, but today I won’t color them. (If you want to see how I do that, leave a comment down below!!!)

How I do my “brows on fleek” in my daily routine?

  • First I will brush them through.
  • I’ll take the Goof proof brow pencil and line my eyebrows in their natural shape. You can use the stencils from the box but I just follow my natural shape.
  • I fill them in with the same brow pencil and afterwards I’ll brush them through.
  • Some times I will use my tinted brow mascara from NYX Cosmetics to make them look a little darker and fuller.
  • Then I set them with the Ready, set brow gel in place.
  • At last, I use the High brow highlighter pencil to highlight the shit out of my brow bone 😉

This is the before and after shot:

(If you guys want a blogpost/tutorial on how I made this full glam/Xmas look let me know in the comment box down below)

Little review of the Benefit products I used:

  1. Very good quality
  2. The Goof proof brow pencil stays on all day/ all night. Sometimes it’s difficult to get it off at night! It is also waterproof.
  3. The Ready, set brow gel really sets them well! They don’t move all day/all night!!
  4. The High brow highlighter is a really good highlighter BUT sometimes it melts off and especially when you for example put it on your eyelid.
  5. You also get a good amound of products for your money! It’s better to buy the Goof-proof kit than buy every product separate. It’s cheaper that way. I bought my set at the Galleria Inno in Bruges. I’m not sure but I think it costed 35€.


Tadaa this was everything about my brows!!

Hope you guys enjoyed it!!!





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