Bella Aura

Hi guys!

Lately I’m really into the ‘organic/indie” skincare brands/products and Bella Aura is one of them! The owner of the amazing Beautywiseshop contacted me to test out the Bella Aura range and ofcourse I couldn’t say no?!

On her webshop she sells lots of amazing ecofriendly/ indie/ organic/ …products that are sometimes hard to get here in Belgium.

I got to test the discovery set from the Bella Aura collection. The set contains 5 mini (10ml) but very generous sample products. You’ll get the night cellular renewal, the gentle purifying cleanser, antioxidant booster, instant lifting eye contour and the daily repair moisturizer. Bella Aura uses lots of different botanical extracts, minerals and vitamins in their serum/cream formulas. This helps to get that glow from within and really actively treat the skin.

The brand wants to cut down the multiple steps in a skincare routine to a 5 step range of products. I was lucky to test this out for you guys and I can say it’s a really great brand! And the smell daaamn I like this smell of flowers 🙂 I used the mini’s for two weeks, every day (and my mom also used them in secret 😮 haha!) All the products are a bit runny in consistancy BUT I call that a benefit because you don’t need a lot to spread it out on your face, but you still have to be careful you don’t squeeze all the product out of the tubes.

First I used the Gentle Purifying Cleanser to make my face grease- and dirt free. It doesn’t pull the face and leaves it quite glowy. After that I use the Antioxidant booster to really boost my skin from within before I apply the Daily Repair Moisturizer. The Booster acts like a serum that’s full of antioxidants ofcourse and really calms the skin after ‘roughly’ rubbing the skin with the cleanser. It also reduces (on a longer term of time) the pigment spots on your face. Then I use either the Daily Repair Moisterizer in the mornings or then the Night Cellular Renewal in the evenings. Both products really hydrates the skin and gives it a very natural glow. The night cream is just a bit more intense and takes care of the little smile lines 😉 And as finishing touch I used the Instant Lifting Eye Contour. The ingredients takes care of the fine skin from the eyes and make them firmer.

Overall I really liked using these products. The smell is amazing! I think this is a range of products for all kind of ages, even my mom really liked every product (and she is very picky 😉 ) The products feel very soft and fresh on the skin. They apply very easy and are rapidly absorbed by the skin! The only downside is that the products aren’t that cheap… But If you really want to test these out I really recommend starting with the discovery set as I and my mom could use it for about two weeks two times a day.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate and ask me in the comments down below!!

I hope you guys have enjoyed it!!!




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