Battle of the concealers!

Hi guys!

Today, I want to compare 4 concealers which I really love. I will mainly discuss the coverage of the concealers. A birthmark will be the point of comparison and at the end of the blogpost I will give you my top 4 of my concealers.

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The birthmark, you see is a very dark one, so hard to conceal!!




Concealer 1:  Collection lasting perfection ultimate wear concealer; Color 1 Fair

This concealer is very cheap (4£) and has a good coverage. As you can see, the birthmark is more blurred than before. The consistency is slightly thicker but it blends very good into the skin. The only negative thing I could think of is, that it’s only available in the UK! So every time I go to London I buy me some. My scores (on 5) are:

Price: $

Coverage: ****

Longlasting: *****


Concealer 2:  Maybelline Fit me concealer; Color 20

I got this concealer for the summer so, it’s a little bit to dark for me now! This one is more transparent and hydrating than the other concealers. It’s perfect for a light coverage in summer! (+/- 10€)

Price: $$

Coverage: *

Longlasting: ***


Concealer 3:  MAC pro longwear concealer; Color NW 15

This one is by far the best concealer I ever had!! It is an expensive one (20€), but really worth the money! You also get so many uses out of it. The coverage is very very good. The consistancy isn’t thick or runny. It blends perfectly into the skin and you can build the coverage.

Price: $$$$

Coverage: *****

Longlasting: ****


Concealer 4:  Urban Decay naked skin concealer; Color Light warm

This one is also a very good, but the coverage is slighty more transparant than the one from MAC. The consistancy is very light and the concealer applies very well. It is also very blendable. I see this more as a summer concealer with a very good coverage. Maybe a negative side of the concealer is the price tag! It is 25,50€ for one, but I think it’s worth the money.

Price: $$$$$

Coverage: ****

Longlasting: *****

So, I really like them all, but if I have to choose, then is the MAC one my number 1, Urban decay number 2, Collection number 3 and  Maybelline number 4. And the Urban decay and Collection one, I see more as a summer concealer, because they’re not that thick.

If you want to know more details about the concealers, just contact me!

I hope you guys enjoy!!!

XoXo Jana



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  1. 5 april 2017 / 10:38

    I swear by that M.A.C concealer – you are so right it is amazing! Great post, wonderfully written xx

    • 11 april 2017 / 10:17

      Yaas It’s the best concealer I ever had!! Thank you so much xxx

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