Always Bare for You ~ O.P.I

It’s wedding season boys and girls!! Getting ready for your wedding or just a wedding? You got your outfit, shoes, makeup and hair done? But what are we forgetting? Wedding nails ofcourse!! OPI created a whole collection speciallly for your/ a wedding day! Perfectly pink, nude and pearly colored nailpolishes. Very chic, but they won’t outshine you gorgeous wedding ring/ bouquet 😉

The wedding collection comes with 6 new colors, from left to right;

Baby, Take a Vow

Bare My Soul

Throw Me a Kiss

Chiffon-d of You

and the other two are; Engage-meant To Be & Ring Bare-er. Each 15,95€.

Bridezilla’s know; preperation is key! So, how do we prepare our nails for the big day?

Get your nails checked by your nailtech about 1 month before the big day! Let her/him check the condition of your nails (bittin, crooked, dryed out, splitted, etc.). Get yourself a nourishing manicure (paraffin baths are awesome!). Also, watch which color would fit with your skin and dress. Let your nailtech swatch some colors on your fingernails or take some nail displays with you so you can choose at home if the color matches with your wedding dress!

Make an appointment at the nailsalon for the day before the big wedding day!

Between the two appointments, make sure to nourish your hands with handcream and don’t forget to spoil your cuticles with some oil!! OPI has some nice SPA handcare products => Check it out HERE

Don’t want to think about to smudge or chip your nails on you big day? OPI also has the 6 colors in gelpolish! You can even enjoy your beautiful wedding nails during your honeymoon 😉

Want to WIN 4 of the 6 new colors from the OPI wedding collection? Go check out my INSTAGRAM and search for the OPI photo! (AD)

I hope you guys have enjoyed it!!!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate and ask me in the comments down below!!




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